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Sherline's chucks, XY bases, XYZ bases, and motor/speed control units have long been a popular source of components for machine design. We took those components and used them as the basis for our Industrial Products Division (IPD) line of interrelated parts specifically for small industrial tooling design. We have beefed up some components and modified designs on others to make them usable in more ways. Bases have been redesigned to allow for easy attachment to flat material.

In addition, the Sherline tool line includes the world's largest selection of machining accessories made by a single machine tool manufacturer. That means you have a large choice of components such as vises, tool holders, chucks, collets and adapters that will fit the spindles and T-slots of the Sherline industrial components.
Please note that most of our Industrial Products are made to order and have a lead time of 5-7 business days
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