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FlashCut CNC

Sherline has partnered with FlashCut CNC to offer additional solutions to the application of CNC controls to Sherline lathes and mills. FlashCut CNC Retrofit kits, powered by a compact CNC microstepping controller, perfectly matched motors and plug-and-play cables, are designed for the entire line of Sherline mills and lathes. These kits are available in many configurations and are compatible with the extensive line of Sherline shop accessories. For the first time, these kits are available for purchase directly through Sherline Products Inc.

FlashCut CNC is the industry leader in powerful, easy-to-use, affordable CNC controls for those who prefer to work within the Windows® operating system using USB connections rather than Sherline’s Linux-based controls and 25-pin parallel port connections, making possible its use with almost any modern Windows PC or laptop. While somewhat more expensive than using Sherline’s Linux based system, FlashCut CNC systems provide machine tool automation from any Windows PC. The USB-powered software and signal generator, capable of 100,000 digital pulses per second, forms the cornerstone of the FlashCut CNC product line. With a simple installation to a stand-alone FlashCut or existing Sherline 8760 driver box, it easily turns a Windows-based PC into a powerful CNC controller. The FlashCut CNC control box also offers additional inputs and outputs for limit switches, digitizing probes and relays if desired. FlashCut also offers options for CNC spindle speed control and threading.

Warranty and technical support services on the Sherline portion of the system are provided by Sherline Products. Service and technical support on the FlashCut CNC components of the system are provided by FlashCut CNC directly. All FlashCut parts are dropped shipped directly from FlashCut and may have a longer lead time and require an additional shipping fee.

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