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2-position Rocker Tool Post (1/4
2-position Rocker Tool Post (1/4"-3/8")

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The P/N 40180 Sherline 1/4″ tool post comes standard with 4000-series lathes and is intended to hold 1/4″ HSS or brazed tip carbide cutting tools that are ground to the proper height. A rocker tool post P/N 3057 comes standard or 4400-series lathes. The rocker allows the height of the tool tip to be adjusted to accommodate tools that may have been ground a little above or below the part centerline. A 3/8″ holder P/N 7600 will accommodate 3/8″ round or square shank cutting tools. Now Sherline offers an optional 2-positon tool post that will hold both 1/4″ and 3/8″ square shank tools and also has the rocker feature on each side to allow for adjustment of the tool tip height.

The 3/8″ side is designed to fit the larger 3/8″ square tool holders commonly used for carbide or diamond inserted tips. It will also hold Sherline’s own  P/N 2256 (RH) and 2257 (LH) 35° inserted tip and other 3/8″ tool holders. It is machined from solid aluminum and has a black anodized finish. Purchase of this tool post will allow you to keep both your standard 1/4″ high-speed steel tools set up for jobs where they are sufficient and also have a 3/8″ carbide insert tool ready for jobs where it is required. Simply loosen and rotate the tool post 180° and your new tool is in position.

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