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Single Flute Inserted Tip Fly Cutter
Single Flute Inserted Tip Fly Cutter

Product #: 7620
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About the Single Flute Insert Fly Cutter

This fly cutter offers several advantages over the standard high-speed steel fly cutter. Inserted carbide tips will last much longer without sharpening, plus they provide an excellent finish on hard-to-machine materials like cold-rolled and stainless steel. The cutter path is 1-1/8″ (28.6mm) wide. The cutter shape allows it to cut a straight shoulder on a part… something that cannot be done with the standard fly cutter. Once you use this tool, you will understand why 80% or more of the metal removed in modern machine shops is removed with carbide insert tools.

The cutter comes with one 2-edged carbide insert, a Torx attachment screw, a drawbolt and washer plus a T-15 Torx wrench. Additional inserts are available through Sherline as P/N 7622.

Learn more about the advantages of using inserted tip carbide tools. See our page on carbide tools.

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