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2 Axis DRO w/ CNC thrust collars
2 Axis DRO w/ CNC thrust collars

Product #: 8200-CNC/8210-CNC

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The 8200-CNC/8210-CNC comes with CNC thrust collars to allow you to use the DRO on a lathe with stepper motors installed. 

Most full-size shop mills used by machinists are now available with a digital readout. They are also popular on lathes because they make your life as a machinist much easier. Readouts on the X- (crosslide) and Z-axes (leadscrew) can be reset to zero at any time with the push of a button. From there, as you move the handwheels, you can read the table movement to 3-1/2 decimal places (.0005") on the digital readout. (Metric versions read to .01mm.) You no longer need to count handwheel revolutions or make difficult calculations when cranking in a negative number.

As long as we were designing the electronics package, we went the extra step to include an RPM readout, adding an additional function to the package. The sensors are easy to install and require no modification of your Sherline lathe.

If you use your lathe as a mill with the vertical milling column attachment, you can purchase a 3-axis DRO kit for the lathe (P/N 8210/8215). If you add a 2-axis DRO to your lathe now and later purchase a vertical milling column, you can purchase a kit to add the third DRO handwheel and sensor at that time (P/N 8240/8245). New lathes can be ordered with the DRO already installed. See the LATHES section for details.

As a cost-saving measure, accommodation has also been made for owners of both a lathe and mill to use a single electronic display box for both machines. The input cables from the lathe can be unplugged and the readout box transferred from the lathe to the mill and vice versa. Depending on which machine you already have fitted with a DRO, ask for the upgrade for the other machine that allows you to use your existing box. See P/N 8220/8225 if you already have a mill with a DRO. See P/N 8210/8215 if you already have a lathe with a DRO.

Replacement Parts - 

81010 - Mill DRO box and electronics (w/ power supply)
81320 - Crosslide handwheel, inch (Metric 81322)
81330 - Leadscrew handwheel, inch (Metric 81332)
81100 - Encoder housing w/ wheel and cable
81110 - Encoder housing upper cap
81120 - Encoder housing body
81130 - Encoder housing lower cap
81300 - Crosslide thrust collar
81508 - Leadscrew thrust collar
81280 - #2 x 3/8” Self-tapping pan head screw
81270 - 2-56 x 3/8″ pan head Phillips screw
81500 - Tachometer encoder & cable asby.
81510 - Tachometer pickup decal
40440 - #2 x 1/4” Self-tapping pan head screw
81310 - Encoder star gear
81080 - Black tie-wrap (NOT sold seperatly as it's a standard zip tie)
81050 - 115 VAC Power supply/transformer 
81150 - Stand for readout display box 
41050 - Z-axis support screw (not shown)

Download PDF Assembly and Instruction Guide

Instructions PDF Download

Download PDF Instructions using DRO on CNC machines

Instructions PDF Download



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