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Mill DRO without box
Mill DRO without box

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Mill DRO without box

For those with both a lathe and a mill, the electronic readout box can be shared between both machines to offer a cost savings if you buy just the additional handwheels and cables for the second machine.

Most full-size shop mills are now available with a digital readout. They are popular because they make your life as a machinist much easier. Readouts on the X- Y- and Z-axes can be reset to zero at any time with the push of a button. From there, as you move the handwheels, you can read the table position to 3-1/2 decimal places (.0005") on the digital readout. (Metric versions read to .01mm.) You no longer need to count handwheel revolutions or make difficult calculations when cranking in a negative number.

As long as we were designing the electronics package, we went the extra step to include an RPM readout, adding an additional function to the package. The sensors are easy to install and require no modification of your Sherline mill. A two-axis D.R.O. package is also available for the lathe as P/N 8200. A three-axis package for using the lathe with the vertical milling column can be purchased, or a third axis can be added later if you add the vertical milling column to your lathe. 

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