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Adjustable Zero Handwheels
Adjustable Zero Handwheels

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(NOTE: photo reference is meant to show the engraving difference of the handwheels for each axis, handwheels are sold individually. 
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About the 2″ Adjustable “Zero” Handwheels
Most expensive full-size machine tools allow the machinist to reset the handwheel to “zero” (or any desired setting) at any time during the machining operation. That option is available on Sherline’s miniature machine tools as well. These handwheels install easily in place of the standard handwheels by simply releasing one set screw. Operation is simple as well. Just release the black locking nut while holding the handwheel. Then reset the red handwheel collar to “zero” and retighten the locking nut. Now you can dial in the amount of feed you want starting from zero without having to calculate your stopping point. It’s a great time saver and also reduces the chance of errors.

All standard 1 5/8" handwheels can be replaced with 2″ adjustable handwheels. Both inch and metric versions are available. For the Z-axis of the mill or vertical milling column, a 2½” diameter handwheel is available. Newer machines come with a ball thrust bearing set to relieve the stress caused by the lifting action of the vertical Z-axis that is not present on the other horizontal axes. Older machines can be upgraded to use the new ball bearing set when getting the resettable handwheel. Call with the model number of your machine and we will help you select the proper handwheel upgrade.


(Click on image for a larger view)

FIGURE 1: The engraved numbers on the collars are oriented differently for ease of reading depending on the axis on to which they are mounted. For example, if you mount a handwheel designed for the mill X-axis on the mill Y-axis the numbers will appear upside down (handwheels shown in FIGURE 1 are not necessarily those that will ship with your order).

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