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Turner's Cube Kit with 4-jaw chuck
Turner's Cube Kit with 4-jaw chuck

Product #: T1076
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Everything you need to make a cube puzzle

Here’s a fun project that you can make within an hour or two that will amaze your friends. When done, a tiny cube with a hole through it is contained inside another cube with a hole in it. Both of those are inside a third 3/4″ cube with a hole in it. How did they get in there? How was it made? The kit includes an aluminum cube to practice on and a brass cube for your finished puzzle. Producing the finished cube requires a series of drilling and boring processes explained in the 4 pages of step-by-step illustrated instructions that come with the kit.

The T1076 kit includes all the same items listed in P/N T1000 plus P/N 1076 3.1″ 4-Jaw self-centering chuck for those who don’t already have one. While you can use an independent 4-jaw for this project, the self-centering chuck makes the process much easier and saves a lot of time. Complete instructions are included with the kit that take you step-by-step through the facing, drilling and boring processes needed to free up the cubes within the raw stock.

Finished cubes in aluminum and brass


Download PDF Assembly and Instruction Guide

Instructions PDF Download


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