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3-Jaw Chuck
3-Jaw Chuck "Pin Jaws"

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Each year our machines and accessories are being purchased for use in fields and areas other than their intended use. One of these areas is laser engraving.

We designed our Pin Jaws specifically for laser engraving rings and other similar parts. These jaws are not designed for machining parts or other uses that require more than finger tight closing pressure to hold the part in the chuck.  Round parts can be held from the inside with just finger-tight grip of the pins while the outside is laser marked.

Each Pin-Jaw Set includes:

  • 3 hardened jaws 
  • 3 sets of 3 each of the following lengths of 1/8″ hardened steel dowel pins:
    • 3/4″ (P/N 11526)
    • 1″ (P/N 11524)
    • 1-1/4″ (P/N 11416)

These pins can be changed to give you a longer gripping area.

Replacement Parts

11414 - 3-Jaw Chuck “Pin Jaws” (Factory install only)
11417 - 1/8″ X 3/4″ Hard-Steel Dowel Pin
11524 - 1/8″ X 1″ Hard-Steel Dowel Pin
11416 - 1/8″ X 1-1/4″ Hard-Steel Dowel Pin


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