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Monthly Special for April 2017

Product #: 5200-5801


About the different Mill XY Bases...

If you have purchased a vertical milling column for your Sherline lathe in the past, a mill XY base offers a way for you to create a complete milling machine using some parts you already have. The vertical milling columns are identical to the standard columns that come with a mill with the addition of extra holes so they can be mounted to the lathe; however, they can still be mounted to the proper mill base, and the headstock/motor/speed control unit from your lathe can be transferred to the column to create a complete mill. This modular design is one of the outstanding features of Sherline tools. Later, should you decide you want to eliminate the time involved in changing power units from one machine to another; you can always purchase a second headstock/motor unit and have two complete, stand-alone machines.

Included with each XY base are two 1/4-20 mounting screws and a 3/16" hex key for tightening them.

The different XY bases are essentially the bases from our four models of mill:


The 5200 and 5220 series bases are the 10" base from the model 5000 mill. The 5200 comes with plain handwheels, while the 5220 includes upgraded adjustable zero handwheels. The 5200 would be appropriate for use with the 3050 mill column, while the 5220 would be appropriate for use with the 3480 mill column with adjustable zero handwheel.

Travel: X=9.0" (228 mm), Y=3.0" (76 mm)

5200/5210 - regularly $273, save $54.60, now $218.40

5200-CNC/5210-CNC - regularly $418.75, save $83.75, now $335

5200-DRO/5210-DRO – regularly $373, save $74.60, now $298.40

5220/5225 - regularly $351.75, save $70.35, now $281.40


The 5401 series bases are the 12" bases from the 5400 series mill. They include laser engraved scales on the bed and table and adjustable zero handwheels. The 5401 base would be appropriate for use with 3480 deluxe column with adjustable zero handwheel but could also be used with the 3050 basic column.

Travel: X=9.0" (228 mm), Y=5.0" (127 mm)

5401/5411 - regularly $425.25, save $85.05, now $340.20

5401-CNC/5411-CNC - regularly $571.25, save $113.85, now $457.40

5401-DRO/5411-DRO – regularly $541.75, save $108.35, now $433.40

The 5600 series bases are the 14" bases from the 2000 series mills. They accept the 3580 multi-direction vertical column with the round base. Because the hole pattern for bolting the column to the mill base is different between the square and round bases, they can only be used on the mill bases for which they were designed.

Travel: X=9.0" (228 mm), Y=7.0" (178 mm)

5600/5610 - regularly $446.25, save $89.25, now $357

5600-CNC/5610-CNC - regularly $597.75, save $119.55, now $478.20

5600-DRO/5610-DRO - regularly $521.25, save $104.25, now $417

 5801/5811 NexGen Mill 18" XY Base

The 5801 series bases are the 18” base from the 5800 series mills. While you wouldn’t be able to use the vertical column from the NexGen mill on your lathe, you can upgrade your existing mill to use this larger XY base. If you own the 5000/5400 series mill you will need to purchase the rigid column upgrade (5640/5645), in addition to the 18” XY base, if you want to upgrade. If you own a 2000 series mill you will need to purchase the rigid column base (50055/50056) for your Z axis in order to upgrade to this larger XY base.

Travel: X=13.65”  (347 mm), Y=11.0" (279 mm)

5801/5811 – regularly $796.25, save $159.25, now $637

5801-CNC/5811-CNC – regularly $950.25, save $190.05, now $760.20

5801-DRO/5811-DRO - regularly $871.25, save $174.25, now $697

Other Uses:

XY bases have often been used as stand-alone industrial slides when building tooling to achieve a movement in a production environment. Backlash is adjustable to 0.003" or less. Precision rolled leadscrews provide a high degree of accuracy, particularly when used on short travels such as these. The slides can be mounted in either vertical or horizontal configurations.

Download PDF Instructions

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