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18" XY base CNC-ready

Product #: 5801-CNC/5811-CNC

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5801/5811 NexGen Mill 18" XY Base
(photo is of 5801 manual XY base for reference only)
The 5801-CNC/5811-CNC Deluxe Mill XY base is the same base used in our 5800-series NexGen mill. It has an 18″ base with adjustable “zero” handwheels, and laser engraved table and base.
Travel: X=13.65″ (347 mm), Y=11.0″ (279 mm)
NOTE: The round column base of the 2000 series mill will not fit on this base. You will need to purchase the rectangle rigid column base in order to adapt your 2000 seires mill Z axis on the XY base. If you have a 5000/5400 series mill, you will need the rigid column upgrade.
The XY base comes with stepper motor mounts installed on the X- and Y-axes ready for the installation of stepper motors. (Stepper motors not included, see the stepper motor page.) Also included are the handwheels that would normally come with the mill. If using Sherline or other dual shaft stepper motors, the handwheels can be mounted to the rear shaft to provide manual control in addition to CNC control. 
These slides have been popular items in the industry to control movement in small production line processes, and the addition of computer control extends the possibilities for automation. If you are taking the vertical milling column and motor/speed control from your lathe to add to this XY base to make up a full milling machine, you can also upgrade your milling column to CNC-ready by adding upgrade kit P/N 6740/6745 to add the stepper motor mount. Travels of each of these CNC-ready columns are the same as for the manually controlled versions shown above. 
NOTE: Manual control is not possible on CNC-ready bases until a dual shaft stepper motor has been installed. Handwheels cannot be installed directly onto the stepper motor mounts.

Download PDF Instructions

Instructions PDF Download

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