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8-direction Mill Column Upgrade for Mill and Lathe
8-direction Mill Column Upgrade for Mill and Lathe

Product #: 5650/5660/5680/5685


About the Milling Column Conversion

If you already own a 5000-series or 5400-series Sherline mill, or if you purchase one now with the thought of upgrading later, an upgrade package is available to convert your mill into an 8-direction mill when you feel its additional capabilities would be useful for your projects. Included is the proper base to adapt the new column to your mill or lathe and all necessary attachment screws. Also included is the column travel extension that allows the headstock to be brought down closer to the table.

P/N 5650/5660 (metric) includes an adapter base that offsets the column back an additional 2″ to provide the same Y-axis capacity as the Model 2000 mill.

The Model 2000 mill costs $225.00 more than the Model 5400 mill. Since upgrading the 5400 to the full capacity of the Model 2000 costs only $278.25, there is only a $53.25 difference in price if you are just starting out. If budget is a consideration, this saves money up front when you need it for accessories and allows you to convert later when your skill level can better take advantage of the additional movements of the 8-direction mill. If you have an older mill and would like to enjoy the increased capacity of the Model 2000 mill, this is an economical way of converting your machine compared to selling it and buying a new Model 2000 mill.

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