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Headstock, DC Motor, and Speed Control Assembly (10,000 RPM)
Headstock, DC Motor, and Speed Control Assembly (10,000 RPM)

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About Sherline Headstock and Motor Units
Sherline headstock/motor/speed control units have long been popular with tooling designers and home shop users making special tooling. Why reinvent the wheel when such a powerful, compact and economical powered spindle already exists? Now we have expanded the capability of our spindle by offering a pulley ratio that makes possible spindle speeds of up to 10,000 RPM. It can be used as a stand-alone unit for custom spindle applications or in seconds it can replace the standard 2800 RPM max spindle used on all Sherline lathes and milling machines.

A second pulley position provides a lower top speed but multiplies the power to provide more torque, particularly at low speeds. The maximum speed of 2200 RPM approximates the speed of the standard pulley set provided with all Sherline machines.

NOTE: Because of the high speed capability of this unit, the factory preload setting has been reduced from .0002″ of end play to .0003″ of end play. This allows higher speed and reduces bearing heating.


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