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8326 - Linux/EMC CNC software on CD
8326 - Linux/EMC CNC software on CD

Product #: 8326
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Current version: 10. Debian Wheezy 7, Linux CNC 2.7

The Sherline CNC systems that include a computer come with the Linux operating system and EMC (Enhanced Machine Controller) program already installed. A pair of CD's (Linux/EMC CD, Instruction/Utility CD) can be purchased if you wish to duplicate the system Sherline offers on your own computer.

NOTE: Some familiarity with Linux is recommended before attempting to install. Depending on component compatibility in your computer, Sherline cannot guarantee that this operating system will install successfully on your computer. Minimum requirements include 800 MHz or faster CPU, 256MB RAM, and 25-pin parallel port for connection of external 8760 driver box.

One CD contains the Linux Operating System and EMC programs, while the other CD contains instruction files and free utilities.

Linux and EMC are "open source" software and are available for free download from the Internet. Because the Linux OS is a very large download (over 500 MB), it is offered on CD as a convenience and priced to cover our costs of reproduction and handling. These CD's are included free as a backup with the purchase of any Sherline CNC system that includes a computer and also with the 8760 driver box. Free technical support is NOT included when the CD's are purchased as a separate item or with the 8760 driver box. Technical help on Linux is available through the Linux group at Help on EMC can be found through


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