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1/4" Brazed Carbide Tool Set

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Lathe tools, or tool bits as they are sometimes called, are the cutting tools that are used for turning and facing work on the lathe. The most popular lathe tools are those made of high-speed stool steel (HSS). They can be used for machining most materials including wood, plastic, aluminum, brass and steel, are relatively inexpensive and easy to sharpen.Carbide tools have a small piece of tough carbide brazed to the tip of a steel shank. They are typically harder to sharpen than their HSS counterparts. A silicon carbide or diamond grinding wheel must be used. The shape of carbide tools is also more critical than the shape of high-speed steel cutters, but their cutting ability on tough or abrasive materials makes them very popular. If you are cutting a material that quickly dulls your HSS cutters, you will find carbide tools might be just what you need.

This 3-piece set includes a right-hand tool (P/N 11920), a left-hand tool (P/N 11930), and a 60° threading tool (P/N 11940).

NOTE: A tool is named by the direction from which the chip leaves the tool; so a right-hand tool has its cutting edge on the left and the chip peels off to the right.

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