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Knurling Tool Holder w/ Knurls
Knurling Tool Holder w/ Knurls

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Sherline’s knurling system can add that “professional” look to your parts. Knurls are embossed into the surface of a part rather than cut. Straight knurls are often used on the end of a shaft that is to be pressed into another part. Straight or diamond knurl patterns are used to provide better grip on handwheels and thumbscrews.


The typical diamond knurl finish; straight knurls also available.

The holder consists of a right and left side that evenly tighten down on your part, while it is turned in the lathe, creating a knurled pattern. The holder is supplied with one set of spiral knurls that creates a diamond pattern. Other size knurls for diamond or straight patterns are also available. The tool will handle diameters up to 1″ (25 mm).

NOTE: The knurling tool was not designed for use with riser blocks.

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