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Adjustable Tailstock 5/32
Adjustable Tailstock 5/32" 0JT Chuck Arbor

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Much like the Adjustable Live Center, holding a tailstock chuck in perfect alignment without some method of adjusting it can be difficult or impossible. The adjustment screws and split design allow perfect centering for the chuck. With the tiny drills that can be held in a 5/32" chuck this is even more critical than with the 1/4" or 3/8" chucks. The 5/32" Jacobs drill chuck is pressed onto a tapered protrusion on the front plate of the holder. The rear plate of the holder has the #0 Morse taper that goes in the tailstock. Two slightly oversize holes in the rear plate allow adjustment screws to be loosened, the center located and then locked down where you want it. In this manner, highly accurate centering can be achieved. If the ultimate in accuracy is your goal, the Adjustable Tailstock Chuck Holder will help you achieve it.

Replacement Parts - 

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