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LH 55° & 80° Boring tools
LH 55° & 80° Boring tools

Product #: 2263/2264/2272

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(Left: Torx key, Middle: 80° LH boring tool holder and Right: 55° LH boring tool holder) 

Each boring tool comes with a carbide insert, hold-down screw and special Torx key. The 3/8" round shank is held in a P/N 7600 tool post. The P/N 2263 holder accepts a 55° insert and requires a minimum hole size of 3/4". The 2264 holder accepts an 80° holder and fits into a minimum hole size of 1/2". In addition to fitting into a smaller hole, the 80° insert offers a little more strength, while the 55° insert will cut into a sharper corner. The holders are made from case hardened steel with a black oxide finish. A flat is ground on one side so the two hold-down screws of the 7600 tool post can tighten against it to keep the tool from rotating

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