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Short Two-Position Tool Post (1/4
Short Two-Position Tool Post (1/4" & 1/4")

Product #: 30032
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This tool post is shorter than the P/N 3003 because it is meant to be used with the 8" or 13" crosslide which is 7/8" thick (as opposed to the standard 6" crosslide which is 5/8" thick)

It is not unusual to have to stop and change lathe tools several times while turning a part on the lathe. The change may be to switch from a left-hand tool to a right-hand tool, from a sharp-nosed tool to a radiused tool, or from a roughing tool to a finishing tool. Whatever the reason, each change requires a little setup time. This time can be reduced by using a two-position tool post. Each Sherline two-position tool post mounts two lathe tools. By having one or more of these tool posts with your favorite lathe tools pre-mounted in them, you can simplify your work and reduce the time required to change tools.

P/N 30032 holds two 1/4″ square tool bits. P/N 3008 is similar but is designed to hold a 5/16″ (8 mm) square tool bit on one side, and a 3/8″ (10 mm) square tool bit on the other side.


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