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Interchangeable Chuck Jaws - 4 Jaw chucks
Interchangeable Chuck Jaws - 4 Jaw chucks

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Certain delicate parts require gripping with softer jaw materials. Other operations require chuck jaws that do not transmit particles of rust to the part being held. To accommodate these special circumstances, Sherline now offers 2-piece chuck jaws with interchangeable top jaws made from special materials. In place of the standard hardened or optional unhardened (“soft”) steel 1-piece jaws, these new top jaws come in soft materials like Delrin, Teflon and Nylon, plus harder but non-rusting materials like brass and aluminum. The replaceable top jaws are fastened to the hardened steel bottom jaws with two countersunk socket head screws. They are not stepped so they can be machined by the customer for custom holding applications. Because of this the jaws tolerances are not held to the same standard as our standard chuck jaws. Other materials available by request. *please note that you must purchase the bottom master jaws before you can us the top jaws.

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