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Cutoff Tool Holder with Tool
Cutoff Tool Holder with Tool

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After completing a part in the lathe it is frequently necessary to separate the part from the excess material used for chucking. This operation is best accomplished with the use of a cutoff tool or “parting tool” as it is sometimes called. The Sherline cutoff tool and holder consists of a very slender high-speed tool steel cutting blade mounted in a special holder. The thinness of the blade (.040″ or 1 mm) enables it to feed into the part quite easily, and, at the same time, minimizes the amount of waste material. The turning speed for parting should be approximately one-half the normal turning speed for any given material.

The P/N 3002 cutoff tool can be used on the “back” side of the tool post with the addition of the P/N 3016 rear mount riser (shown below).


Never use a parting tool on a part mounted between centers. The part can bind on the cutter and result in a scrapped part or a broken tool. A small amount of cutting oil is a must. Parting off free machining material over a 1.00″ (25 mm) diameter will always be a problem on a machine of this size.

Download PDF 3002 Instructions

Instructions PDF Download

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