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Quick-change 3/8
Quick-change 3/8" Tool Holder

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This holder is not included with the P/N 2250 quick-change tool post system, but is available as an option for those who wish to take advantage of the superior cutting ability and economy of carbide cutting tools or other tools available in the larger 3/8″ shank size. Sherline offers LH and RH 35° IC tool holders that take a 55° carbide insert. This accessory now makes it possible to use those and other tools with the quick-change tool post system.

The 3/8″ holder is not just a 1/4″ holder with a deeper slot to accept 3/8″ tools. We used a larger billet of material, so you still have plenty of strength to support the larger tool shanks. This is important, because these 3/8″ tool shanks are usually used to accept carbide inserts, and carbide tools are capable of handling tougher materials, so plenty of strength in both the toolpost and the holders is needed. This is also why they are made from steel and not aluminum like some aftermarket versions.

For another way to use inserted tip tools with the quick-change tool post see P/N 2295.

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